Experimental game collective Local No.12 (Mike Edwards, Colleen Macklin, John Sharp, – and myself) spent last year designing and refining BackChatter over several conferences last year, culminating in the game’s swan song at the Game Developers Conference in March.

What is the game? BackChatter is a Twitter and web game designed for conferences. Players get points for predicting what words will be popular in the Twitter backchannel for the conference they’re attending. You make moves via Twitter, betting on words that you think will show up in Tweets with the conference hashtag.

As we announced at GDC, we have open-sourced the code for the game, which will let you create your own BackChatter game for your event. We are working on documenting the code and creating a game hosting guide, but in the meantime, the game is already being used for other events. Check out John Sietsma’s blog post about using the game code for Freeplay, aMelbourne-based independent game festival.

Stay posted for official BackChatter documentation later this fall. And let me know if you’re thinking about using BackChatter for your event.