Prominent independent game festival Indiecade has just announced the conference schedule for their festival this fall. I’ve been tapped to reprise Iron Game Designer, a real-time, real-world game design competition where teams of game designers compete to create an innovative game on the spot, in front of a live audience.

The event premiered at the Games for Change Festival a couple of years ago, where I co-hosted it with Karen Sideman. Now I just have to think about the physical “secret ingredient” that the teams need to incorporate into their designs. (The audience brainstorms a thematic constraint.) At Games for Change, the secret ingredient was blank white t-shirts – which the three teams proceeded to cut to pieces, scribble on with markers, and otherwise transform as part of their games.

My architect collaborator Nathalie Pozzi and I may also be exhibiting a project or two there. We’ve applied for a grant to bring Sixteen Tons to the festival, and we’ve applied for another grant to do a new site-specific game project, titled UNFAIR, specifically for Indiecade. We find out in the next week or two. Big physical projects are expensive to present! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the grants.