BackChatter, the Twitter-based conference game I created with Local No.12, has had its run at Freeplay, the Austrailia-based independent game festival. In this blog post, John Siesma, who adapted the game to the festival, talks about what did and didn’t work with the game.

It’s a funny feeling seeing your game design taken up by others – like your baby going off to college. Of course all game players partake in some form of open source culture, as they play with the structures of a game, often changing them as they devise home rules, design levels, or engage in other forms of game modding. I’ve actually never been part of a bona fide open source code release before, and I can’t wait to see what others do with the game.

If you’ve got a conference or event that might use a bit of interstitial play to spice things up and get your attendees interacting with each other, now you can put together your own BackChatter game. We’re launching a guidebook for hosting and running the game in the very near future. Keep your eye out for it right here!