Hot off the digital presses is a book project I created with all-star game scholars Seann Dikkers, Kurt Squire, and Constance Steinkuehler. Real-Time Research is the outcome of a series of workshops we staged at conferences like the Game Developers Conference and Games, Learning, & Society. At at Real-Time Research workshop, people form guerrilla research teams across wildly different disciplines and conduct experiments in game scholarship during the conference they are attending. The RTR process was modeled on game design itself and involved game-card constraints, improvisational design, and enforced uncertainty.

The book chronicles these misadventures, including many examples of the resulting projects as well as in-depth guidelines (and even game card templates!) for creating your own Real-Time Research events. Special thanks to Drew Davidson at the ETC press for publishing the book – and with such a lovely cover and interior design too! Props to my co-authors Constance, Kurt, and Seann. Available in paper and digital form.