Babycastles is a budding NYC-based independent game exhibition space. If you haven’t heard of them yet, a great introduction is this profile written by Leigh Alexander for the LA Times. Aside from annual festivals like Indiecade and IGF, independent games don’t have many venues for reaching the public, and in its short lifetime, Babycastles has put together a stellar program and a well-earned reputation for doing smart – and playful – curatorial work.

Recently, Babycastles secured an exhibition space in Manhattan that will run for a few months later this fall, and they are raising money for the cause on Kickstarter. Matt Hawkins, who has put together several excellent Babycastles shows, has written a more detailed blog post about this fundraising effort. As of this writing, Babycastles is $1000 short, and only a few days away from their fundraising deadline, so now is the time to support indie games – send in a donation!

And in the interest of full disclosure, I do have a selfish reason for asking you to support Babycastles. Nathalie Pozzi and I will be premiering a new game project in the Babycastles exhibition space in December. But more on that in another posting.