Video from my appearance in Berlin is online. Games Culture Circle has posted a condensed version of the entire talk show experience here. It’s deliciously nerdy and wonderfully intellectual as only the Germans can pull off.

Don’t let the introductory bit in German fool you – within a minute, the event switches over to English. I’m the first guest up, and you can see me play Ninja with the audience, chat about the film PLAY I created with David Kaplan, and get extremely excited – perhaps a bit too excited – about game design.

The other guests include Ahmet Acar, a business consultant who makes his clients play games, and Iepe Rubingh, the artist who invented Chess Boxing. (I have posted about my Chess Boxing exploits here.)

I make appearances during the Charades montage in the middle, but you can also catch my future prognostications about games during the final Q&A around 23:20. Thanks, Games Culture Circle for excellent documentation of this truly enjoyable event.