In late August, Nathalie Pozzi and I met with Matt Hawkins, who had been working with the Babycastles Arcade, an independent exhibition space in Queens that had been making waves by putting together shows of independent and experimental games. Matt told us that Babycastles was going to have a Manhattan exhibition space for a few months and he wanted us to put together something for it.

More than three months later, we are presenting Flatlands – tomorrow! We wanted to create a physical game that made use of my collection of 200 or so boardgames. After a few months of frenzied playtesting and few weeks of construction and installation, we are looking forward to the opening. The final design is a game about dueling aesthetics. You select a game board from the archive and construct statements about it, hoping to sway the judge and defeat your opponent.

Details about the opening are here at the Babycastles website and at the Facebook event page. Thanks to Rachel Morris for working with us on the graphic design, the Babycastles people for their support, and all of our playtesters and installers!