The night before the Game Developers Conference started, I spent the evening at a board game night that Jeff Ward puts together every year. Not wanting to miss an opportunity for expert playtesting, John Sharp and I brought along a couple copies of Armada d6.

Among our playtesters was Paul Sottosanti, a game designer from Wizards of the Coast (the company that published Richard Garfield’s Magic: The Gathering and now owns D&D) who now works for Maxis on their Spore property. Paul (along with the rest of our playtesters that evening) offered amazing feedback, and the game design has taken some new directions as a result in the weeks following the conference.

In the meantime, however, Paul has written a great blog post about his experience playing the game and why he thinks Armada d6 is a prime example of elegant game design. It’s flattering to get such solid props from a colleague, of course, but it’s also just nice to know that some of the design intentions are actually coming through to players.

Note to Paul: many of the design questions you raise at the end of your article are actually being changed as a result of that night of playtesting. Stay tuned for the next iteration!