I am showing a game at the Museum of Modern Art.

On July 27, a new project by architect Nathalie Pozzi and myself will premiere at MoMA as part of ARCADE, a one-evening exhibition of games taking place in MoMA’s Pop Rally series of events. Tickets are limited, so get yours soon.

The project is called Starry Heaven and like my other games with Nathalie, it is a room-sized game that you play in a physical space, without any digital or electronic components. The game is about power and moral law, and incorporates a person-sized gameboard of 43 metal plates, as well as large-scale inflatables. The game will be exhibited in the sculpture garden or in the central museum atrium (we’re finalizing those details now). Here’s a photo from a playtest a few weeks ago at Eyebeam.

The MoMA show is – as far as I know – the first exclusively game-related event at the Museum of Modern Art, icon of contemporary culture. It’s amazing to be part of this important moment in the history of games and art. Look out for more posts about the design and installation of Starry Heaven soon.