It’s been a busy summer for Local No. 12, the game collective I run with Colleen Macklin and John Sharp. Our Kickstarter campaign was a runaway success, garnering more than twice the support that we had set out to get. And that’s a good thing, since we’re now spending those funds creating whole new illustrations for each card, as well as turning Local No. 12 into a bona fide company.


This summer, a version of the Metagame is being run at Microsoft’s summer internship program, organized by the Microsoft Game Group. And a conference-wide Metagame was run at the Games Learning and Society event in Madison a couple of weeks ago. Big thanks to Constance Steinkuehler and her team for letting us use GLS as a playground. (Incidentally, I also keynoted at GLS – a rant against conventional notions of games and education called “Games are not Good for You.” I plan on publishing it soon.)


The Metagame has received blog attention from a number of quarters, but perhaps my favorite media about the game recently is a podcast on A Jumps B Shoots in which Colleen Macklin and I play the game and discuss its history and design. A Jumps B Shoots describe themselves as the “NPR of Videogames” – check them out if you haven’t heard them yet.

Lots is going on in the Metagame world as we prepare new decks for our Kickstarter supporters and for public sale, begin to revamp the game website, playtest new variations of games, and even take the Metagame concept beyond the realm of videogames. Stay tuned.