The opening of Starry Heavens went off without a hitch. No rain keeping us inside, no high winds blowing away the weather balloons, no mischevious players with scissors cutting them loose…. none of our worse fears came true.

The game was played. There were crowds of people playing and watching the game the entire night, some of whom kept on playing for an hour or more. And as a social system, the game worked. We had assistants helping to explain the game to newcomers, but at a certain point, players were teaching each other the game. One of the core design ideas – that players could join at any time – was key to cycling players through and seducing them to try “just one more” hit of gameplay. And Nathalie’s space design was simply stunning.

A great piece in the NY Observer focused on our game – or perhaps, on Nathalie and I arguing about the pretentiousness of the title – and three shorter pieces in Fader, Motherboard, and Fast Company covered the event as a whole. This link will take you directly to a couple images of our project in the Fast Company piece.

Speaking of images, our photography crew (Abigail Simon, Raymond Yeung, Phillip Retuta, and Rebecca Jones) should be getting us their pics soon. Same for our videographer Daniel Wilson – big thanks to the documentary crew! Also huge thanks to our setup and takedown crew: Paolo Agostinelli, Livia Di Mario, Danielle Baskin, Joe Mauriello, Haitham Nasr, Nathan Jones, and Shipra Gupta. They definitely made this possible. Our materials partners were great – Andrew Becker of Face Design who crafted the steel plates and Balloon Bouquets who inflated the balloons (thanks, John)!  Lastly, of course, we want to thank the MoMA and Kill Screen folks who put the show together. It was a pleasure working with you.