Online game site / database / blog Giant Bomb has recently gone on a Metagame kick. They have pooled the Metagame cards they collected at GDC this past spring and over the last several days, they have been posting videos of their metagame duels. You can see the videos on their blog page.

What I like even more than the mix of connoisseurship and trash-talking that characterizes their debate style is the way that they are evolving the game design. They have invented their own variation on how to conduct debates, which in the most recent videos combines collaborative selection of a comparison card and completely random selection of each player’s game card. Then they ask people online to vote on the winner.

I’ve said this before on this blog, but I will say it again: the more we play with the Metagame, the more we realize it is not a game, but a game system. Like a set of standard playing cards, you can play a wide variety of games with a Metagame deck. Many of the comments on the Giant Bomb videos point in yet different directions for the game design.

The Metagame is still in pre-release (we just posted an update about our progress on Kickstarter) but it’s so fantastic that people are finding ways to play. It is difficult for me to describe just how exciting it is to see this kind of player creativity bubbling up. The sweetest pleasure for a game designer is seeing your game played in ways that you never anticipated, and Giant Bomb is a whole lotta sugar for me.

Keep up the great work, Giant Bomb!