The Metagame Culture Edition is OUT! If you’ve been reading my blog for the last six months, you have undoubtedly read about the Metagame, the card game I created with Local No. 12 (John Sharp and Colleen Macklin and myself) in which players debate about videogames.

After we premiered the game at GDC and in the midst of our Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a bigger printing, we were approached by Esopus magazine to create a special edition of the game. The result is the Metagame Culture Edition, which expands the game content to include film, music, theater, literature, fashion, architecture, television, comics, and other forms of art, design, and media.

You can get your Culture Edition cards here on the Esopus magazine website. There are three sets of cards, each with a unique set of cultural references. To get the entire game, you’ll have to purchase all three versions of the issue.

If you’re in NYC on November 1, Esopus is holding a launch party for the issue. More information and RSVP here.