I’ve been part of the NYU Game Center since it started, and we’ve recently made an important announcement: we are starting our MFA program. The Game Center MFA has been in the works for years, and it’s amazing that we can finally start taking applications for our first class that will begin in the fall of 2012.

The focus of the MFA is the idea of games as a creative practice, and students can enter with a focus in programming, game design, visual design, criticism, or some combination of these.  We’re certainly not the first program to offer a game-related Masters program, but our rigorous focus on the craft of game design, combined with a creative studio focus and a strong scholarly component, is a very unique mix. Plus, we’re in New York City – arguably the world capital for independent and experimental game design.

There is plenty of information about the program on the NYU Game Center website, but if you are interested, one good place to start is this video from Frank Lantz, the Director of the Game Center. Applications are open now through March 1.