Last night at the Eyebeam center for Art and Technology here in New York City I took part in the Jean Claude Van Jam as a judge. The event was a 48-hour game jam in which teams had to create a game inspired by a randomly selected Jean Claude Van Dam film, and I was joined by game designers Greg Trefry and Keita Takahashi to judge the results.

The games had a great sense of humor, and many of them featured unusual hardware input devices, which is impressive for such a short amount of time. The winner, Wrong Bet! was inspired by the film Lionheart and was a social game in which two players competed in a rock-player scissors-style duel while several other players bet real money on them and could influence their actions. You can view all of the games, as well as a video of their final presentations, here on the Jean Claude Van Jam website.

Congratulations to all of the entrants, co-sponsor of the event Babycastles, and organizers Kaho Abe, Ida Benedetto, Ben Johnson, Ramsey Nasser and Matt Parker. The world needs more strange and wonderful game jams.