This post contains links to some of my favorite talks I’ve given over the last several months. If you are looking to geek out on game design, you have come to the right place.

  • One of the highlights of my career as a game designer has been getting to know my hero Bernie DeKoven. The author of The Well-Played Game, Bernie explored game design ideas decades ago that are increasingly relevant today – such as rule-breaking as gameplay, or blurring the lines between players and designers. In this video of our keynote talk from the 2012 IndieCade Festival of Independent Games, I dialog with Bernie about the evolution of his ideas and how they apply to today’s worlds of digital games and play.
  • ¬†More recently, I gave a keynote at Games for Change in New York City. You can watch the video here – a somewhat blistering rant that challenges some of the conventional ideas about what “games for change” are all about. Alexa Ray Corriea also did a great job of covering my talk in this article for Polygon.com.
  • For something completely different, this video is from a panel discussion about PLAY and urban space at the New Museum’s ¬†IDEAS CITY festival in NYC. It’s a stellar lineup of speakers – I’m sandwiched between starchitect Charles Renfro and game studies diva Constance Steinkuehler, and I focus mostly on my work making large-scale games with Nathalie Pozzi. There’s also a lively discussion at the end between the group that also includes artist Kemi Ilesanmi and Kickstarter Founder Yancy Strickler.
  • Lastly, this somewhat wide-ranging talk is an online lecture class I gave about game design and game culture at General Assembly in New York City. I cover some of the fundamentals of game design, like rules and play, as well as how games create meaning for their players. And I attempt to interact with the virtual audience – with sometimes humorous results.