I know it was a few months ago, but I’m just getting around to cataloging all of my sessions from the Game Developers Conference 2013. Below are links to videos and coverage of some of the panels and lectures with which I was involved. If you weren’t at the conference, this piece from the NY Times helps convey the vibe of the gathering, and includes a quote from me about how the industry is changing.

  • This year was the final year of the Game Design Challenge, an annual contest I had held for each of the previous ten years. The theme this year was Humanity’s Final Game, and Jason Rorher beat out six other competitors with a titanium boardgame that he buried in the Nevada desert. (Yes – for real!) This Gamasutra article covers the session, with summaries of the other concepts. The video is available for free on the GDC Vault here. As a lead-up to the conference, Gamasutra also ran a piece about the very first game design challenge: create a game that tells a love story. It links to a video where you can see what Will Wright, Raph Koster, Warren Spector, and I looked like a decade ago.
  • Jason Della Roca and I also ran the annual Rant Session, a chance for industry hotheads to hold forth about whatever they want. The title of the session was Mad as Hell: Developers Rant Back – the hidden theme was that all of the main speakers were non-male game developers. Games Industry International published a 4-part series that reported on four of the rants from the panelists: Mitu Khandaker, Anna Marsh, Anna Anthropy, and Naomi Clark. You can also watch the video for free here on the GDC Vault – I must say it was an amazing session, full of explosive passion and important ideas.
  • Finally, here’s a link to the GDC Vault free video of the Experimental Gameplay Workshop – an annual showcase of game makers who are exploring new forms of gameplay. I was happy to share the work I’ve done with Nathalie Pozzi over the last few years – five large-scale game installations. Because they are all 100% physical, not many people get to play them and I welcome any opportunity to show them to my peeps in the industry. The image at the top of this blog post is from the talk I gave – it features the space design and game design ideas behind each of the projects.