Interference, the large-scale game installation I created with architect Nathalie Pozzi, is finally coming to the US. Interference was commissioned by la Gaite lyrique in Paris, and over the last year has traveled to Dublin and Moscow. But we’re very pleased to be working with Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) to bring the project to the Track 16 Gallery in LA.

Interference consists of five super-thin hanging steel walls, each less than a millimeter thick. Physically, it’s a gorgeous project – although all of the credit for that goes to Nathalie! The walls act as vertical game boards for a strategy game that occurs between pairs of players. The twist to the game is that each turn, you must steal a game piece from another pair of players. So players end up interfering in each others’ games, and social metagaming often ends up being the best way to win.

The opening on Wed Oct 2 and the exhibition is timed to coincide with the IndieCade International Festival of Independent Games happening in Culver City. There are several events happening around Interference, including a lecture at USC, modding workshops, and an opening reception. Here’s the back of the LACE postcard, which includes information about the exhibition and walking directions from IndieCade.


On Oct 2 before the opening, Nathalie and I are giving a lecture at USC as part of their Visions and Voices series. We’re also giving a workshop about space design and game design the next day. You can find more information about the lecture and design workshop here. 

If you are attending IndieCade, as part of the conference we’re holding a modding workshop on Saturday Oct 5 from 4:30-6:30pm (open to conference attendees). Participants will be encouraged to design new sets of game rules for the walls and pieces of Interference. In other words, it’s a chance to design new software for the installed Interference hardware. I am particularly excited to see what kinds of games people will invent – we will be documenting new sets of game rules for future exhibitions.

The next day, Sunday Oct 6, we’re holding an Architecture as Play “gallery talk” where Nathalie and I will discuss ideas around Interference and lead participants through some guided gameplay (and possibly some modding as well). To RSVP for the Architecture as Play event, send an email to

You can find out more information about Interference on my website, which includes images and videos from past exhibitions. LACE has additional information about the exhibition here.

Lots to do between now and then. See you in LA!