IMAGEOrganism, a game I first published in 1998, is available again for free download.

A tabletop strategy game for 2-4 players about evolving cellular life, Organism originally appeared as an insert in the digital culture mag ArtByte. Earlier this year, the fashion/art magazine Garage approached me about doing a project, and so the game was published again – with a bit of a visual refresh.

What I like most about the game design of Organism is the ability to use modular parts (body cells, tooth cells, heart cells, and blocker cells) to evolve your creature in very different ways. The goal is to eliminate your opponents in the petri dish arena, but there are several ways to do that. You can surround and suffocate an opponent, grow teeth to devour your opponents’ hearts, or just survive long enough to grow the biggest.

If you follow this link to my website, I’ve posted a print-and-play PDF file with full game rules, board, and pieces. You can also download an interview between myself and Anna Craycroft that was published in the same issue of Garage Magazine. Enjoy!