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PLAY, the short film I co-created with director David Kaplan about a future in which everything is a game, has been selected to be part of the PBS Online Film Festival. I’m not sure what we might win, but if you visit our film’s page, be sure to click on the LIKE button, which acts as a vote for the audience award.

Also, let me take this opportunity to say that PLAY is not a prefiguration of what is now called gamification. At least for me, it is not meant to be a film that envisions some kind of game-like future which may or may not come to pass. In fact it is the opposite – it is not a film about games, but rather a film that uses the idea of games as a metaphor to talk about what it feels like to live in our alienating hypermediated society. Of course it goes without saying that you are free to interpret the film however you like. Enjoy.

  • I loved this tumbler piece about Indiecade – visual notes from several sessions, including the talk Nathalie and I gave on the Experimental Gameplay Sessions panel.
  • This interview from a business journal about the NYU Game Center is a great overview of our curriculum philosophy.
  • Here is an article on Joystick Division about the Culture Edition of the Metagame, which is launching TODAY!
  • This article from a Turkish daily new site is about the Istanbul festival that is showing the short film PLAY I created with filmmaker David Kaplan.  We’re also showing the film in Israel and Switzerland in the coming months.
  • Lastly, an article in Dutch about the Metagame’s recent appearance at the DiGRA conference in Hilversum. Dank u veel!

On Feb 24, I will be presenting a screening of PLAY, the short film I created with director David Kaplan at the NYU Game Center. I’ll be there to chat about the film, and so will David – unless his work directing an episode of the Current TV series Bar Karma interferes. (That’s the show Will Wright executive produced, where the audience helps write the plot.)

PLAY is set in a future where the lines between videogames and reality have become blurred, and it follows a protagonist from game to game to game, which exist inside each other like nested Russian dolls. The film premiered in 2010, and it has screened at a number of festivals, including the Puchon International Film Festival, where it won Best Short.

Working on PLAY – a bona fide film – taught me a lot about games and film, and all of the problems games are having trying to replicate the pleasures of cinema. It was incredibly instructive to observe the process of filmmaking firsthand, which is radically different from that of game development. And the independent film world – often much envied by game indies – has not at all been what I was expecting.

There’s going to be a lot to talk about with PLAY. Information about the screening is here on the Game Center website. Hope to see you there!

The website of the Independent Film Channel has a brief but smart piece on PLAY, the short film I created with director David Kaplan. Take that, Roger Ebert!

Video from my appearance in Berlin is online. Games Culture Circle has posted a condensed version of the entire talk show experience here. It’s deliciously nerdy and wonderfully intellectual as only the Germans can pull off.

Don’t let the introductory bit in German fool you – within a minute, the event switches over to English. I’m the first guest up, and you can see me play Ninja with the audience, chat about the film PLAY I created with David Kaplan, and get extremely excited – perhaps a bit too excited – about game design.

The other guests include Ahmet Acar, a business consultant who makes his clients play games, and Iepe Rubingh, the artist who invented Chess Boxing. (I have posted about my Chess Boxing exploits here.)

I make appearances during the Charades montage in the middle, but you can also catch my future prognostications about games during the final Q&A around 23:20. Thanks, Games Culture Circle for excellent documentation of this truly enjoyable event.

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