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Another Castle, the game design podcast hosted by Charles Pratt, has just posted a series of interviews with the creators of the games  from the No Quarter exhibition this past spring at the NYU Game Center.

Listen in for witty banter between Charles Pratt and designers including Mark Essen, Matt Parker, and Robin Arnot – as well as Nathalie Pozzi and myself.  You can always hear my full interview with Another Castle as well.

I’m quoted in an All Things Considered story by journalist Heather Chaplin that ran today. The piece is about the game Medal of Honor, and the controversy about whether or not the player can play the role of a Taliban in the game.

My strangely echoing voice comes in the second half of the story, as I talk about the relationship between play and and its representations, quoting Brian Sutton Smith’s paraphrasing of Robert Fagan’s ideas about the difference between a nip and a bite when dogs play-fight.

If those ideas get your goat, you can read more about them in the Play of Meaning and Play of Simulation chapters of Rules of Play.

Enjoy the radio piece!

The podcast for a presentation that Local No.12 gave at South by Southwest this past spring is now online here.

It’s Mike Edwards, Colleen Macklin, John Sharp, and myself holding forth on the design and technology challenges of creating games for the Twitter platform. We dissect the anatomy of a tweet, survey existing Twitter games, and list some of the the unexploited potentials of the platform.


Recently posted online: a radio interview of Nathalie Pozzi and I that took place during the Come Out & Play festival. We hold forth on our game Cross My Heart + Hope to Die, the clash of our design disciplines, and the relevance of ancient mythology to pop culture, all against an audio background of noisy street gamers. This link will take you to the page (our interview will be at the top of your screen). Enjoy!