We did it. We hit $10,000 in the Metagame Kickstarter campaign, more than a full week before the finish. With five days left, we are now at nearly $17,000 in support. Big big thanks to everyone that has chipped in.

We’re getting some great online press about the project. Bytejacker played a round of the Metagame, and graphic design guru Steve Heller blogged about it too. Look out for more press later this week.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you all know that the Kickstarter campaign is your best chance to get cards if you are at all interested in the game. It’s possible that we will print more, but it could be a while. To ensure that you get your own deck, hit the Kickstarter page and sign up. It’s only $25 for a full deck of 100+ cards.

**UPDATE: More Metagame press! Check out an interview I did with Cassandra Khaw at Gamasutra. And A Jumps B Shoots recorded a podcast of their Metagame battle royale. Enjoy! And thanks – the Kickstarter support keeps on coming in!