I’m a game designer who has been working in the game industry for two decades. I co-founded Gamelab, an independent game studio based in NYC that created online games like Diner Dash and Gamestar Mechanic. Gamelab spun off the nonprofit organization The Institute of Play, which has created public schools in NYC and Chicago based on play as the model for learning. I have taught game design for many years at places like MIT, NYU, SVA and Parsons School of Design and with Katie Salen I wrote Rules of Play, considered the standard textbook for game design.

These days I work as an independent designer and full-time Arts Professor at the the NYU Game Center. Recent projects include the re-launch of SiSSYFiGHT 2000 – a game I designed in 1999 as well as tabletop games Quantum (published by FunForge) and The Metagame (with Local No. 12). I also create large-scale game installations with architect Nathalie Pozzi for museums, festivals, and galleries, including the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

I practice game design daily.

Information about my work can be found at www.ericzimmerman.com.
Follow me on Twitter: @zimmermaneric