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The website of the Independent Film Channel has a brief but smart piece on PLAY, the short film I created with director David Kaplan. Take that, Roger Ebert!

Video from my appearance in Berlin is online. Games Culture Circle has posted a condensed version of the entire talk show experience here. It’s deliciously nerdy and wonderfully intellectual as only the Germans can pull off.

Don’t let the introductory bit in German fool you – within a minute, the event switches over to English. I’m the first guest up, and you can see me play Ninja with the audience, chat about the film PLAY I created with David Kaplan, and get extremely excited – perhaps a bit too excited – about game design.

The other guests include Ahmet Acar, a business consultant who makes his clients play games, and Iepe Rubingh, the artist who invented Chess Boxing. (I have posted about my Chess Boxing exploits here.)

I make appearances during the Charades montage in the middle, but you can also catch my future prognostications about games during the final Q&A around 23:20. Thanks, Games Culture Circle for excellent documentation of this truly enjoyable event.

The MacArthur Foundation has posted a short piece on the history of Gamestar Mechanic, written by brilliant game journalist Heather Chaplin (who interviewed me recently for an NPR story on the recent Medal of Honor / Taliban controversy).

Despite the worries in my sentimental recent post about the launch of Gamestar, I’m happy to be getting my rightful props as the instigator with Jim Gee of the original idea for the game. E-Line Media, the current shepherds of the project who sometimes don’t get their due for their work on the game, get great coverage as well.

A handful of recent mentions in the blogosphere, all for completely different reasons.

In the Antenna blog – “responses to media and culture” – my idea of the 21st Century being a “Ludic Century” is used in a blog post to ask whether media corporations are really understanding the way the landscape is evolving.

Platform Nation reviews Gamestar Mechanic in a detailed post called So your Kid wants to be a Game Designer.

Kaplan posted a re-tread of “8 Videogame Myths Debunked,” originally written by Henry Jenkins for PBS here. I’m trotted out on the final myth to oppose the idea that video games desensitize players to violence.

Another Castle, the game design podcast hosted by Charles Pratt, has just posted a series of interviews with the creators of the games  from the No Quarter exhibition this past spring at the NYU Game Center.

Listen in for witty banter between Charles Pratt and designers including Mark Essen, Matt Parker, and Robin Arnot – as well as Nathalie Pozzi and myself.  You can always hear my full interview with Another Castle as well.

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